Dreamtime is the time for "old school" gothic rock

Welcome to the official Dreamtime website.

The music is crafted by Dreamtime from scratch. This independent approach has given it a distinctive sound, albeit not lacking in variety. With captivating atmospheres and melodies, it should also prove quite timeless.

Dreamtime are:
PP - vocals, guitars, keyboards
KS - basses, guitar, keyboards
MK - additional keyboards and vocals

On this website you will find a discography section featuring most Dreamtime releases, as well as other little bits of information. More will be added.

Music comes first and foremost - Dreamtime stands for rock with a strong gothic touch, not for following the latest fashion. The never-ending period of creation (also known as Dreamtime) continues.









February, 2015

Dreamtime featured on an LP/CD compilation

"Black Lips And Long Raincoats" LP/CD/booklet set


February, 2015

Dreamtime on a download compilation

"33 goth bands you should know" - compilation by Oskar Terramortis and Gothic Music Records


July, 2017

Radium EP released

EP out now, new album on the way.